June 25[Fri] - 26[Sat]
Virtual Conference

Important Dates Abstract Submission Deadline / May 16, 2021
Online Pre-Registration Deadline / June 13, 2021

26th Korean Epilepsy Congress 제26차 대한뇌전증학회 국제학술대회 KEC 2021
SK UCB 한국에자이

Program at a Glance

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  • Program at a Glance
Program at a Glance June 25 (Fri)
Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4
[Meeting the expert 1]
Developmental Epileptic Encephalopathy
[Meeting the expert 2]
Status epilepticus
[Meeting the expert 3]
Drug resistance epilepsy
[Plenary Session]
Mood and Modeling in Epilepsy
[Satellite Symposium 1]
Benefits of using Fycompa in earlier
stages and various patient type
[Satellite Symposium 2]
Epilepsy in the elderly and
Woman with epilepsy
[Satellite Symposium 3]
Master's surgical video session
[Satellite Symposium 4]
[Oral Presentation 1] [Oral Presentation 2] [Oral Presentation 3] [Social Issue]
[Parallel Symposium 1]
New technological advances for epilepsy care
[Parallel Symposium 2]
Autoimmune and infectious encephalitis
[Special Interest Group 1]
COVID-19 in Epilepsy
[Parallel Symposium 3]
Functional Study in Epilepsy
[Parallel Symposium 4]
Adolescent seizures and epilepsy syndromes
[Special Interest Group 2]
Practical issues in SEEG
[Teaching Session 1]
Epilepsy Diagnostics for Diagnosis of Epilepsy
[Teaching Session 2]
Management of Epilepsy in special situations
[Teaching Session 3]
Surgical anatomy
General Assembly